Our History

For over 130 years, Shaub's has been a family-owned business based around tradition. Our company's president Robert Shaub's great grandfather, John Shaub, started our business on May 1st, 1880 with his partner Charles Burns as Shaub & Burns. In 1898, with the death of Burns, Shaub became primary owner, and the name was changed to Shaub and Co.

The initial store was primarily a shoe store, focused around selling dress shoes for men, women, and children. In 1915, Shaub passed ownership to his son, Benjamin. When Benjamin's son, Ben Jr., passed away in 1963, Shaub's daughter's husband, Patt Herr, became store owner. In 1980, we chose to begin diversifying our products by adding stylish clothing to widen his store's appeal. In 2003, Robert Shaub took over Shaub from the Herrs, along with his cousin Patty Shenk.

Most recently, our location has moved from Lancaster city back to Robert's charming hometown of Lititz, which was voted as America's number one coolest quaint little town in 2013. Today, our store offers amazing customer satisfaction, a wide variety of clothes and services, and a much more friendly interaction than you would ever find at any mall or department store. Contact Us today or stop on by and take a look around to find your new style for the upcoming season.